Board of Directors

HOA Board of Directors Membership

The board’s purpose is to govern the course of the HOA through the future, unknown as it might be, and to help the Village prosper for owners. A good board listens, works with the staff, and acts. The staff’s purpose is for day-to-day operations and to implement board decisions. Both the board and the staff have a responsibility to engage each other. Diversity and fresh insights are important factors in successful boards. From a Forbes article dated 18 November 2013 by Mr. Myatt, the top 10 reasons why diversity is good for the board:

1. It reflects the real world – something every Community should be sensitive to.
2. Healthy debate can lead to better decisions.
3. Divergent backgrounds mean tackling the same idea in differing ways.
4. Great ideas come from disruption of the status quo.
5. Our Community and our customers are diverse.
6. This can make your company knowledgeable and sensitive to a wider variety of groups.
7. Counsel from a variety of authorities is sensible.
8. Setting an example at the top will hopefully have a trickle-down effect within the organization.
9. Improved reputation and brand.
10. A variety of backgrounds can make the Community more adaptable to its ever changing environment.

Since we have rotating 3 year terms for our 5 residential Board members, each year we elected at least 1 or 2 new members.  If you are interested in contributing to the Community in which you have invested, please send your BOD application to by December 15 of each year.  This ensures your resume will be included in the AGM packet to be sent to all homeowners prior to the January Annual General Meeting.

The Village BOD application is available below. Please include in your application your relevant experience in volunteer or work arenas along with what you would like to contribute to the HOA. Please contact the HOA office at (970) 547-2513 if you have any questions.

  • Board Application
  • BOD Application (Word)