Architectural & Contractor Guidelines

These documents define guidelines for architectural alterations to the Village at Breckenridge property (both common areas and individual units), the processes by which applications for alterations will be reviewed/approved, and the requirements for individuals (contractors, etc.) implementing alterations.

The purpose of these document are not to restrict owners in their desire to improve their individual unit, but rather to facilitate said improvements, while protecting the architectural integrity, and therefore value, of the property for all owners. All individuals engaged in alteration projects are subject to the Contractor Requirements.

Applications for improvements requiring approval by the OGC or designee should be submitted in electronic (preferably PDF) form as follows:


The Village at Breckenridge Homeowners’ Association
405 Village Rd
P.O. Box 1317
Breckenridge, Colorado 80424-1317

Receipt of submittal documentation will be acknowledged by HOA staff or OGC member.

*All applications must include a SCOPE OF WORK*

  • Architectural Guidelines
  • Contractor Guidelines